Race information

Note! The information below was valid for 2019 and may be changed for Skogsmaran 25 September 2021.

Race information – 42 km, 21 km and new 11 km distance of SKOGSMARAN

Saturday September 28th 2019

(PLEASE NOTE: that there is other specific information regarding the marathon hike)

Your registration is personal and cannot be transferred to someone else. All participants compete at their own risk.


  • Start of the 42 km DISTANCE: Skatås 09.00 am. (Late registration and collection of number tags starting at 08.00 am)
  • Start of the 21 km DISTANCE: Härryda IP 10.00 am (Late registration and collection of number tags starting at 08.00 am)
  • Start of the 11 km DISTANCE: Härskogen 10.30 am (Late registration and collection of number tags starting at 09.30 am)

Maximum time to complete the full distance is 8 hours


Before September 15th:

Late registration:

  • Can be done at both starting points, please see the information above regarding times.
  • Late registration at Skatås is 700 SEK (500 SEK at Härryda and 400 SEK at Härskogen.)

Number tag with a chip

A number tag with a chip are distributed at the assigned starting points. Envelopes can also be collected between the xxth and xxth of September at Löplabbet in Gothenburg, Östra Hamngatan 7 http://www.loplabbet.se/butik/goteborg-ostra-hamngatan

Changing rooms

  • Skatås:  below the Motionscentralen, marked with a Skogsmaran banner
  • Härryda IP: the clubhouse by the parking lot
  • Härskogen: In nature
  • Finish line Hindås: changing rooms and showers are located in the middle school gym next to the finish line area

Bags and personal belongings

Bags with personal belongings can be taken care of at the starting points and delivered to the finish line. They will be marked with your starting number. We do not take responsibility for any lost items, so please do not leave any valuables in your bag.

Trail markings

Preexisting markings for Vildmarksleden will guide the way. Additional signs and markings may be put up.

Hydration stations

There will be water or sports drink at five stations along the full distance where it passes close to a bigger road.

Total 42 km
Kåsjön 10 km (water, sports drink)
Härkeshult 18 km (water, sports drink, soup)
Härsjödamm 24 km 5 km (water, sports drink, banana)
Härskogen 30 km 11 km (water, sports drink, coca cola, banana, chips)
Gransjöås 35 km 15 km5 km (water, sports drink, coca cola, banana, chips)
Dalavägen 36 km 16 km 6 km (sweets)

Participation at your own risk

Basic first aid kits will be available at the hydration stations. If anything serious occurs, 112 will be contacted

Prizes and plaques

  • 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes will be rewarded to the first finishing three in the female and male category.
  • Everyone that finishes Skogsmaran will receive the Plaque of 2019


The results will be published on www.skogsmaran.se


There are good parking options around the finish line. Public transportation connects you with Gothenburg and Borås approximately every half hour with the occasional train as well. Please see Västtrafiks website for more detailed information: http://reseplanerare.vasttrafik.se/


If you are looking for housing, you can visit the tourist agency of Gothenburg at http://www.goteborg.com/turistbyran

Finish line

When you have finished the distance, you’ll be served with water, energy drinks, chocolate biscuits and fruits right away. We will also be serving hamburgers or a vegetarian option for those who wish (this is included for participants)